All our products are hand crafted in England by skilled master craftsmen and women. We know that quality and origin matter so all our fabrics and leathers are carefully sourced from the across the United Kingdom and only the finest are chosen for our coats, blankets, leads and collars.

Our tweeds come from family-owned mills on the isles of Harris and Lewis in the Western isles in the Hebrides and carry the certification of the Harris Tweed authority. The colours are classic, the quality superb.

The cream and navy collar check is made in Yorkshire, one of the few places that still make this wednal wool cloth traditionally used to line the collars and saddles of working horses.

Smart enough for town, our wool cloths are still the best quality one would expect for the country and are used for keepers’ tweeds, shooting coats, horse blankets and heritage collars and saddles.

Our luxurious fleece is sourced from Yorkshire and is a perfect match not only for our Harris tweed, but also for our silky soft Hurstbourne tweed, made in Gloucestershire.

Leather and solid brass hardware come from Walsall, heart of the English leathermaking tradition. The collars and leads are hand cut and stitched by our local master saddlemaker.

The moleskin used for our blankets comes from one of the few remaining mills in Lancashire, and is complemented by classic cotton ticking.

Percy and Lulu have tested it all and won’t be seen with anything else!